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Consciousness Healing™

“We are all born with a level of consciousness, an energetic frequency within the vast field of consciousness. And with The Map of Consciousness, we can truly understand the total spectrum of human consciousness” (David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., The Map of Consciousness Explained, 2020).

Consciousness Healing is a comprehensive form of healing and care that focuses predominantly on the application of the science of consciousness, philosophy, and spirituality to complement modern medicine for healing and recovery and to elevate human consciousness. Other dominant methods will also be applied including clinical hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and regression therapy. An innovative approach to healing the physical, mental, and spiritual by aligning one’s level of consciousness with positive frequency/energy to facilitate healing and change.

How it works. 

“There is a spiritual solution to every problem.”-Wayne Dyer 

The main focus of our work is to change your level of consciousness. Changing your consciousness can change your life. Different levels of consciousness influence how and what you experience in life. We can often solve many problems by letting go of lower level energies and aligning ourselves with positive levels of consciousness. According to Dr. David R. Hawkins, a consciousness that is guilt-ridden and holds on to negativity tends to attract disease and suffering. He described in his book, Letting Go (2012), “The persistent surrender of negative feelings and attitudes means that the associated guilt is also being constantly relinquished. A consciousness that is not guilt-ridden tends no longer to attract disease.” 

With our work together, you will discover the relevance between being conscious and the work of healing. We are often unconscious to the things and factors that are determining our consciousness; therefore, clinical hypnosis is an effective tool to uncover the unconscious and determinant factors of our consciousness. With this type of work in consciousness, other healing methods will also be applied. The effectiveness of this healing method is subject to certain conditions, such as karmic factors and the individual’s will. 

With our ongoing research and discoveries of knowledge in the field of spiritual science and consciousness, we continue the development of Consciousness Healing as an alternative method of healthcare to complement modern medicine for healing and recovery and as a spiritual solution to alleviate suffering for humanity for the betterment of the world.

Initial Consultation Session
45-60 Minutes
Price: $0

Regular Session
60 Minutes
Price: C$90.00 (Price Including Tax)