Psychological Pain Management

“Every life experience, no matter how “tragic,” contains a hidden lesson. When we discover and acknowledge the hidden gift that is there, a healing takes place.”-David R. Hawkins

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pain will most likely be constant in our lives until we are at the higher levels of consciousness of Enlightenment, peace, joy, or love. When we learn to manage the pain, suffering becomes a choice.

Psychological pain feels like chronic pain in the mind and we identify it as suffering. Our instinctive reaction to pain is to avoid it, fight it, repress it, or suppress it. Often it doesn’t leave us no matter how hard we try, until we deal with it. And we are here to help you deal with that pain; the pain of life. How we perceive pain is a personal experience. We aim to expand your awareness so that you perceive pain as catalyst for change in life which is constant in order for you to grow and evolve.

Many of us are constantly suffering with problems, challenges, and catalysts presented in our everyday lives. We struggle to find the way to change and we struggle to find the time to change, however deep in our soul we want change, we want to feel better, and we want to be at peace. This non-traditional healing method aims to treat the cause of pain in a direct and time-efficient manner. Pain may be an indication to us of what we need to address in ourselves and most often when we ignore it, the patterns and the pain will persist in one form or another. Pain contains lessons that we need to learn in life in order to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Our program is designed to interact with you by applying psychological pain and the catalysts in your life for learning, mastery, and growth. Learn and grow in life; that is the way to heal the pain.

“Pain, with deep understanding, can bring forth healing, growth, and transformation.”-Kay

Initial Consultation Session
45-60 Minutes
Price: $0

Regular Session
60 Minutes
Price: C$90.00 (Price Including Tax)